Q: Is SWAT telling us not to have sex?

A: No. SWAT is a sex positive organization. We believe in all kinds of sex, including (but not limited to): homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, transgender, queer, multiple partner, choice of no sex, as long as it is consensual.

Q: What is SWAT’s definition of CONSENT?

A: SWAT believes consent is a yes that is freely given when the option of no is present and viable. Consent is a step-by-step process. For example, if one partner has consented to something at one point in time, they are not obligated to consent to that same something at another point in time. Consent cannot be assumed.

Q: Does SWAT only deal with heterosexual sexual wellness?

A: No. SWAT tries to make our workshops LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) relevant as well as heterosexually relevant. SWAT believes all types of sexual violence and stalking to be important to address regardless of the orientation of those involved.

Q:  Is SWAT a resource for survivors of assault?

A: SWAT TERS are not trained professionals in counseling survivors, but we are a great resource for helping survivors find appropriate resources.

Q: Do you get class credit for taking SWAT?

A: SWAT is a 2-Credit, Pass/No Pass course for 3-Terms. After 3-Terms, SWAT is taken on a volunteer basis. Additionally, we ask for a 3-Term commitment when joining SWAT, though this is not mandatory.

Q: When is SWAT?

A: SWAT is always Wednesday nights from 6PM-9PM, and workshops are on a demand basis.

Q: How do I join SWAT?

A: Applications can be obtained by clicking HERE, or by acquiring an application in the Women’s Center located in the EMU. After your application is received by the respective due date, you may be contacted for an interview which will determine your admittance into SWAT.

Q: How do I schedule a workshop?

A: Email swat@uoregon.edu or call (541) 346- 1198

Q: Will SWAT perform for organizations/groups not affiliated with the University of Oregon?

A: SWAT encourages participation from all organizations/groups/universities to utilize our unique learning experience.  SWAT requires compensation for travel expenses, and for off campus workshops.

Q: How do we support SWAT?

A: You can support SWAT by buying SWAT merchandise at the ASUO Women's Center (in the Erb Memorial Union, across from the Craft Center), by providing private donations, and by not committing acts of sexual assault/stalking.