About SWAT:

We present workshops to student groups at the University of Oregon and other campuses, as well as regional and national conferences.


We utilize theater and facilitation to educate our peers about sexual assault, dating violence, and sex-positivity. The workshops are about an hour to an hour and twenty minutes long.

Most workshops will include the following:

  • A working definition of consent
  • A sexual assault survivor’s monologue followed by interactive discussions with other characters involved in the narrative
  • How (and how not) to support a survivor of sexual assault
  • Statistics about sexual assault
  • Resources for survivors of sexual assault
  • A demonstration of healthy and unhealthy communication


Since sexual assault, dating violence, and sex-positivity encompass many other issues, it is not uncommon for our workshops to touch on other intersecting topics, such as sexism, racism, homophobia, among others.

If you would like to schedule a S.W.A.T workshop, contact swat@uoregon.edu or call 541-346-1198.


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